Will retailer-specific requirements or limitations be considered or addressed?

With each retailer integration, all requirements and limitations will be taken into consideration. Our retailer APIs are designed to work in most retailer environments. That said, our job is to make this process work for everyone.

How does a retailer begin integration?

The fastest way is to fill out the Connection Request form at https://www.thecouponbureau.org/register for the most direct support.

What is the general process for a retailer to get connected?

Retailers integrate with The Coupon Bureau through a series of APIs. Integration is meant to be clean and simple.

Do retailers have the ability to amend what GTINs are eligible for the offer or the number of allowed redemption?

This function is controlled by the manufacturer. 8112 coupon offers will have the same controls that national, manufacturer offers have today. All offer parameters are controlled by the manufacturer in the POF.

How will we know what retailers are connected?

The Coupon bureau will keep an up-to-date list available on our site as well an API feed for provider use.

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