How do I contact you?

Phone ,Text or Live Chat 715-494-0442 bob.

I want to send you my parts What is the process?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Call me and tell me about what you have? I may request pictures, measurements as my cabinet is only so big ?
  2. All parts should be disassembled fully and cleaned of wet oil, silocone,gasket, and case sealant. It is some times possible to put the entire motor in assembled ? you must make block off plates for intake exhaust remove stator call for details.
  3. Be sure you send your bolts nuts and washers to. Put all nuts washers and lock washers though a wire or zip tie ( galley pic for exmple) and bolts in a zip loc bag this will help keep these items organized. acorn nuts place on stud bolts if desired.
  4. If you are planning on having any machine work done such as Boring cylinders ect have that work done first. if needed to i use a liner in bore
  5. Package all you parts well and mail ups, usps ,speedy ect . I HIGHLY recomend ! you get a tracking number! and or insurance?
  6. When i receive your items i take pictures before and after I will send you pics of your done item for payment approval.

Free sample work  ?

Yes! I can do that under these conditions you pay shipping both ways:

  1. Send one piece side cover head carb ect or old part test piece you have laying around.
  2. Ship to me or deliver I will do half of the part and send it back.
  3. You can included prepaid return shipping label or pay by credit card I will add .05 percent transacton fee to cover return shipping cost.
  4. Make a appointment bring parts see for your self.

have a question Ill be glad to answer it

use this form below Call 715-494-0442 Email

what does the service cost

this process is not as expensive as you might think. There are No charges for rinsing drying or packing. an average 38 mm mikuni carb takes 5 to 8 minutes Flat Rate $10 per carb average single cyclinder motors range from $75 to $135 average twins $135 to $180 or triples can range for $175 to $270 Average turn around time 1 to 3 days from the time received

Payment options

Cash,or Credit cards or paypal

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